Hi there!
My name is Alicia and I'm odd one out's brand founder. I have always being a creative person and since I was a child, I have loved handcrafts and design. I have always dreamed about being fashion designer but when I was eighteen I decided to study Computer Science Engineering. A couple of years later I decided to start with my Fashion Design studies and combined them with my Engineering studies.

I have done internships as Design Assistant in Josep Font, Lydia Delgado and Guillermina Baeza, but was in my internship at MANGO's Knitwear Quality Assurance where I discovered my real passion: KNITTING. I noticed that knitwear increases the creative possibilities as you can work on textures and textile design so I started learning hand-knitting and crocheting but later hand knitting machines caught my attention.

That takes me to just right now, starting with my own knitwear label where I mix all the techniques and knowledge I have acquired during this last five years. It has been hard to get where I am now so my aim is very simple, I just want to provide a different and contemporary vision to knitwear design enjoying and loving what I do and hoping you, who is reading these lines, like it. 
Alicia, just another knitting lover.